If you are a true legend of video games then it would be a challenging game for you. Playing that game and moving forward will require a true synchronization of calf and thighs muscles. You have to take care about every inch of the game, otherwise moving and crossing the mile would not be easy. QWOP named after the key you press while moving your characters to move forward became the sensation over the internet, due to the difficulty of the game.

No doubt this game got a quite insane fame over the internet, just because of the difficulty level of the game, most of the guys while playing the game was not able to move one step ahead, even moving one step will require you to press the proper button to give motion ahead. When you play three to four hours, thereafter, you would be able to sustain for about some meters in the game.

Some of the over conscious guys find it ridiculous and named it the highest level of the ridiculous game. But, the fact is there should not be as difficult in the game as there is.

I myself while playing the QWOP 2 first time got frustrated and quit the game to play, so, there should be some relaxation in the game, when you forgot the synchronization, the combination of calf and thighs moving, your characters fall down, and the game ends there.

You need to press QW for moving the Thighs and OP for moving the Calf while playing the game, Q for the left thighs and W for the right thighs and O for the left calf and P for the right calf to move forward in the game.

You complete the first

The larger goal of the game is to cross the 100-meter lines, but in my case, the initial goal is to stay standing for a second. You need to get the true momentum while playing QWOP game. If the momentum goes off, you are going to fell down to finish the game.

Hope you would love the QWOP 2 to play, you would be the champion if you cross 100-meter in the game play more running game at qwopgame.org

Game Controls:  Thighs Q – W | Calves O P

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